We’re Back…

After far too long, we’re back into the swing of things, trying out new recipes and planning things to sew for Spring and Summer Fairs.  I feel like I’ve been in hibernation since Christmas, but the sun came out this morning and I started my Nordic Walking course down at the forest so I feel energised and ready to get on with things!

I am not happy with my piping of buttercream, so (although I am desperate to try out new recipes) I decided to make a very simple batch of vanilla cupcakes and vanilla buttercream, to give me a bit of practice before moving on to something new.  I was using up some old cases and decided to colour the icing pink as practice for making some cupcakes for a little girl’s birthday next month, so these are not the most stylish cupcakes I have ever made, but they are not too bad. And I think I have discovered why I don’t like my piping – I need a different type of nozzle – easily solved!

I’ve earmarked some new recipes for testing over the next few days and promise to keep the blog up-to-date with progress and some photos (which I also hope to improve over the next few weeks!!).



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