Coconut & Lemon Curd Muffins

This weekend I am testing new recipes and I am pleased to say that the first of my attempts worked out well! These muffins are probably best eaten warm from the oven, as the cake is quite dense. (In a good way I hasten to add!) There is a lovely pool of lemon curd hiding in the centre to offset the sweetness.  I’ve recently become a fan of making muffins having abandoned them a while ago as I couldn’t master the texture.  The secret is not to over mix the batter – I have been reading Leith’s Baking Bible (which is where this recipe came from) – and the information in there tells you to use a maximum of 20 strokes when combining the dry ingredients into the wet.  It works!  Don’t be put off if there are little streaks of flour not combined into the mixture, it won’t matter.

This photo is not great as I made these too late in the day to have any natural light, but I hope you can see the texture and the lovely blob of lemon curd in the centre.



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One response to “Coconut & Lemon Curd Muffins

  1. Carla

    Hi Elaine,
    We are all eating some fabulous Lemon Curd cakes that you made for us @ Project Mercury.
    We are all in agreement that they are the best cakes we’ve eaten for ages!
    Thank you!
    Mercury Team

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