Red Velvet Cupcakes

I have always looked at this recipe and then turned the page, not being able to understand the fascination with it or the desire to eat red sponge cake! However, this is a hugely popular cupcake and my sister-in-law recently tried it and could see why people love them so much. So I decided I must have a go too.  I am a convert!  If you find a recipe that tells you to use gel food colouring rather than huge quantities of the standard red liquid colouring you find at the supermarket, you might rest easier – I know I did.  I also learnt that some of the rich colour of these cakes comes from the cocoa (I hadn’t noticed that it was included in the recipe).  I used Martha Stewart’s recipe which involves combining bicarb with distilled white vinegar.  Martha feels that this also helps intensify the colour.  These could be a contender for my new personal favourite cupcake!  I ended up with 24 of them (forgot to halve the quantities!!) and the feedback I received when sharing them out to friends was very positive.  They are topped with cream cheese frosting – delicious!

I’m not sure that my photo and poor lighting really give you the full impact of the redness of the sponge, but I hope it gives you an idea.  I’m taking steps to improve these images – please bear with me!



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  1. fromthesweetkitchen

    These look good, Kate – glad you liked them as much as we did. I like the new look of your blog!

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