Chocolate Whoopie Pies

At last, I have got round to making some Whoopie Pies!  I went to the ever reliable Martha Stewart website for an authentic American recipe.  Although these cakes are on sale at Harrods and are being touted as the “new cupcake” in various places, they are actually from a very old recipe.  According to Martha’s information, the origin of these cakes is shrouded in mystery, but some say they were developed as a way to use up left-over chocolate cake batter and icing, which makes sense…  During the 1940s and 1950s they became popular as a dessert to make at home and are still a favourite in Pennsylvania and New England.  Traditionally they are served with a glass of ice-cold milk, but I say a nice cup of strong coffee would work very well.  Or of course a refreshing cup of tea!

I sandwiched these together with a basic vanilla buttercream, as I was just trying out the recipe and didn’t want to use lots of ingredients to make one of the more luxurious fillings.  I have decided that they are definitely worth making again but would definitely try a different filling next time.  The buttercream is a little too sweet.  The texture of a whoopie pie is somewhere between a cookie and a cake, it really is quite different… Of course they can be baked in many flavours and I will be baking a different one next time.

I have several of these and will be giving them to friends to sample so that I can get feedback!  I will let you know what the verdict is…



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