Afternoon Tea for a Christening

On Sunday we provided afternoon tea for a baby girl’s Christening celebrations. This gave us the perfect opportunity to indulge our passion for very pretty cupcakes! There were Classic Cupcakes piped with a shell pink buttercream and topped with a dainty pink rose, and Lavender Cupcakes in silver cases topped with a delicately flavoured and coloured lavender glace icing. My photography left a lot to be desired on the day and I should have adjusted my camera settings properly, as the flash totally changed the colours of the icings and didn’t do them justice at all!  So, for now here is a photo of the lovely flowers for the tea table. We found a good selection of spring flowers in the garden and managed to get hold of some very pale pink rosebuds to carry through the theme. The viburnum is beautifully scented and left a nice perfume in the warm room on a very cold Spring afternoon.


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