Cupcakes for a Little Monkey!

These chocolate monkey cupcakes were for a 3-year old’s birthday and caused a great deal of excitement when they arrived at the party! The recipe is Martha Stewart’s One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes. They are topped with a smooth chocolate fudge icing and the monkey’s face is cut out from yellow sugar paste. The ears are made with giant chocolate buttons. These were great fun to make, even if I do need to improve my fine piping skills! Lavender Sugar doesn’t provide novelty cakes as a rule, but these were for a friend’s little boy so I decided to have a go and I didn’t think they were too bad for my first attempt.



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One response to “Cupcakes for a Little Monkey!

  1. Joyce

    Love the monkeys Kate!
    I have to agree with you about the Bakewell in a bag recipe, the best Bakewell I’ve made for a very long time. Mine was well received too. Served it with creme fraiche.

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