Last Minute Meringues

The cheesecake from yesterday’s post needed three eggs and three egg yolks, so I found myself staring at a bowl of egg whites (yes, I am rather strange at times)! I know I could have frozen them or made a virtuous egg white omelette, but that didn’t sound very exciting and I had a bit of time to spare, so I decided to whip up some straightforward meringues. I thought they could be served with berries and ice cream as an alternative to the cheesecake.

As it turned out, meringues happen to be a favourite of my god-daughter and her younger sister, so I was really pleased that I had made them, and they turned out really well.  Nice and dry but with a little bit of gooeyness in the centre. I used one of my new piping nozzles and there was an amusing moment at the table when my god-daughter told us that she thought the meringues resembled something most unsavoury! I wanted to tell you what she said, but my husband said I couldn’t possibly put that on a blog based around food and the gentle pursuit of afternoon tea….. Anyway, you don’t need much imagination to work it out!!!



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